New Product Line!

We have decided to bring in Pravada as our latest addition at the request of interior designers. We feel Pravada will be very attractive to our clients as the colours and styles are right on trend with what designers are looking for. There are many brushed oak options the 6 foot planks in widths from 7 1/2” to 9 1/2” with a wide range of natural, earthy and darker tones. The Artistique line in particular is very competitively priced for such a wide plank to fit almost any budget. Feel free to make an appointment to drop and check out our full planks in the showroom or we can bring smaller samples right to you.


New Showroom in Langley!

New Showroom in Langley!

Designers and Contractors Sale - Additional 10% off for the month of October

We are excited to announce that we have a new showroom in Langley! We have been working hard setting up and sourcing out new products that you have asked for. Contact Travis for a time to pop in for a coffee and see our beautiful options for Hardwood, Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Plank.


Sales Inquiry 604 309 7055

#109 19897 56 Ave

Langley, BC

Langley Spring Home Show

Langley Spring Home Show

Don't Miss the

Langley Spring Home Show

April 13th-15th

Origin will have some exciting new products.

Featuring our newest product mywoodwalls™ including a do-it-yourself demo wall


We will have a hands on do-it-yourself wall to see just how easy it is to work with.

My Wood Wall

My Wood Wall

Wood Walls

At the International Surface Event that we attended in the first quarter of this year we were introduced to a product for wood walls that we have become partial to. There are many different products out there on the market for this feature wall trend ranging in price, procuct and style.

Origin™ has decided to carry this product because of the:

Quality of this sustainably source product

Competitive pricing

Ease of use - with the peel and stick adhesive, it makes this an easy home improvement project.  Many home owners will tackle the installation of this on their own...but if you are felling tentitive our team of installers at Origin™ would be happy to take care of this for you! 

To get started today  

Warm and Inviting

Bring natural elements into your interior design to create a calm and tranquil enviroment to your home.

Some of the real advantages to mywoodwall™ are:

Real Wood Product

100% natural wood panels that are treated with non-toxic, water soluable finishes.

Sustainably Sourced

Made from Albizia Tree which is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. A newly planted tree will grow 7 meters in just over 1 year. 


Albizia Tree

"Sourced from plantations that have been certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)"

mywoodwall™ is committed to the land in which it sources their wood, indiginous to the island of Java, Indonesia.  

Documented Agriculturists.jpg

Sustainable Plantations

"Trees are harvestable in 5-7 years at 80-100 feet tall"

Leave things better than how you found them.
trees planted.jpg

1 box sold = 3 trees planted

Easy Weekend Project

The mywoodwall™ panels come with adhesive strips on each panel ready for easy install. These strips are designed to adhere to almost any surface. Just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Clean surface for application

  2. Lay out desired pattern

  3. Establish a straight line

  4. Peel and stick

Please contact Origin for more info on ordering and install


Origin can help you get started!

Adding nature to your home creates a warm and inviting enviroment. Origin is excited to be one of the first retailers of mywoodwall™ in Canada!  To place an order or get more info

Brushed Coral - My Wood Wall.jpg

Brushed Coral


Deep Space.jpg

Deep Space





Safari - My Wood Wall.jpg



Martini - My Wood Wall.jpg



Ocean Blue.jpg

Blue Ocean


For pricing through Origin